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Simple healthy soup with tomato and Umeboshi

Craving cooling foods for hot summer days?

Here is a simple healthy soup with tomato and Umeboshi 

Poached egg in right tomato sauce

No appetite in the morning? Here’s how to fix it!


Pasta with eggplant tomato sauce in online pasta sauce lesson

I teach Italian and Japanese Italian cooking classes. Here is my pasta with eggplant tomato sauce.

Crispy pizza toast

The easiest way to make pizza.

Pasta with bacon-tomato sauce for busy time

Pasta is perfect for a busy night.

Simple healthy soup with tomato and Umeboshi

This tomato recipe is a great intro to using Japanese ingredient umeboshi.


Curry and Tomato are Excellent Partners

Italian organic tomatoes are perfect for curry.

Power of Red, Power of Tomato

Risshun (First Day of Spring) now, the sun seems to be spring, but it’s still cold. 

Beautiful gift from my friend just arrived. 


57 recipes with preserved tomato RED GOLD FROM EUROPE

Hi I am Momoko Ishigaki of Sophia Promotion .

I am happy that I went to PIERRE HERMÉ in PARIS.


Tomato pot for old weather

Hello all, I cooked tomato pot.

Breakfast with tomato fried egg ♪

I’m quite often asked, “What kind of Italian egg dishes are there?”





Clay pot and canned tomatoes in winter ♡

Ciao! Everyone

Speaking of what is particularly active during this cold season


International promotion of preservation products of tomato from EU “Red Gold Project” has started.


Hello from Sophia promotion, International promotion of preservation products of tomato from EU (European Union) “Red Gold Project” has started.

Tokyo Calendar – December 2019


This is a perfect match with tomato cans ♡

Hello Everyone,

Let’s discover an organic tomato 



Tomato soup pasta, a gentle guy? Wild guy?

My book “My Quick Italian”  was published two weeks ago.


Pre-made pork beans ♡ is so good ♡

Hello everyone ♡ ^^

Recently it got really cold

How are you doing?



「Quick Italian!」Ikuko Kaitani

89 authentic Italian dishes that can be made quickly, introduced by Japanese Italian chef Ikuko Kaitani


Story of LUCCA No. 3- Autumn Lucca and Tomato Pork Stew

Autumn has come. Some trees begin to change colors.
・ ・ ・ It is a season that somehow reminds me of LUCCA.

Tuna cans from Katsura – Japanese Pepper and Tomato

Tuna cans from Katsura is the best supporting actor behind Red Gold from Europe.

Japanese Pepper? and Tomato?

Tokyo Food Education Fair!

This is Madoka Shimazu, flower and food space coordinator


I am traveling from tomorrow…

I am traveling from tomorrow to October 31st…

October 29-Even after the summer is over


In the morning and evening, the temperature has suddenly dropped,

I feel the sign of autumn

How about miso ball art with miso and tomato?

Pizza 101 Tomato Source

Last Sunday my pizzaiolo made dinner

Red Gold, a project that recommends EU and Italian tomato preservation products from the country of tomatoes. Cesson Rose is Yamanashi’s first red gold recommended store and will tell you the wonderfulness of tomatoes.

Advertisement on Tokyo Calendar



Information Fall Delish


Pinocchio from my friend who likes delicious food

My usual recipe: Rosemary Roast Chicken and Potato

I share my regular recipes. Here is my dinner last night.

Roasted chicken wings, onion, and potato.

Excellent tomato pasta with corn and shrimp ♡

Hi ^^ Hello ^^
Every time by familiar food analyst Eri Red Gold’s tomato can love lol


We were introduced in the press review ♡

Hello everyone ^^
The temperature is still hot and sweaty during the day, but the air is refreshing enough to feel autumn


Stewed hamburg with tomato sauce

The season has changed, and even now it’s more autumn than ever! ! ^^ lol
Red gold’s love for tomato cans is growing steadily


Tokyo Calendar – Current Campaign – September 2019


Gratin even when it’s hot ♡

From everyone ~ ♡ Hello ♡ very hot it was midsummer of climate

You are starting to feel the sign of autumn little by little ♡ How are you spending? ^^

Bread gratin in oven toaster

It is a time when the heat continues and appetite and appetite decline.

It is popular wisdom that no cookbook can be sold in August.

What is the secret taste of mackerel dip?

The picture is a mackerel dip.

This is a dish from last week’s cooking class “Summer Lesson for Enjoying White Wine”.